Greg Hamel’s Series on Python & R

I had a plan to work up a quick tutorial on typical R commands for those starting with Python Notebook, but when I was looking around to see what resources were out there, I came across these – Greg Hamel’s Introduction to R and Python for Data Analysis

No more need to work up a tutorial – what an amazing set of resources (and kind of hard to find too!) that have been so well put together, a 30 part series on both giving a really nice balanced view of both. You should head on over and make sure are across these, and thank this guy (thanks Greg!)


And don’t go all should-I-learn-Python-or-R on me! Make sure you know them both! For me, R wins outs for its sheer joy of doing exploratory stuff, but Python has the edge when it comes to plugging into different stuff, and just generally plays better with messy tech situations.


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