Back to Django…with Angular

For the last few years, its been all Node all the time, but when it comes down to the crunch on a new big work project, I was surprised to find myself getting a little nervous with the Mean Stack. I love MongoDB (and especially love what they are doing with compass, which hopefully will have aggregation support soon – that’s right Thomas…I am talking to you!) but when you are implementing stuff that will sit along side old school tech stacks and you need to provision internal servers (I know, right?), everyone just gets too nervous when you go no SQL.

To get around this I have been playing around with some nice Node SQL tools, but they just don’t seem mature enough yet. And to be fair, I am still to really find a project that would actually really really benefit from a noSQL strategy. And I have someone in the team who actually prefers to do data cleaning and analytics in SQL than Python pandas (WTF??!! …seriously).

So the plan I have gone with is Angular and Django. The team’s analytics stack is python Jupyter so there is a nice link here, and I had forgotten how nice it was to work with the Django back end. I moved away from Django because it just became so messy for SPA apps but as a rest API it is just the best. Also having a python toolset in the back end for business logic is a breath of fresh air (I love you lodash.js….but even so…)

Having been away from Django for a few years, the refresher place to go was of course that darn polls tutorial they have on their site (how many times have we all done that??!!) but I also found another great refresher resource here. Greg’s Angular / Django post is perfect to cover all those little annoying set up things (and frankly that guy’s posts are must read for IT folks). And of course, perhaps to be expected, Pluralsight has some really nice Django/Angular stuff so check it out! Overall though, with good ol Django, it was just a few hours of pottering around in it and its back up to speed.




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