Information as an element?

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Should have posted this ages ago! Kate Becker’s neat article on information.


Brad Osgood’s Fourier Lectures

The theories of Fourier are just such an astounding piece of thinking. How did he come up with this stuff? How did Euler pave the way for him? Fourier makes us realise that  mathematics , though bounded by scientific rigour, is a profoundly creative endeavour, driven above all by intuition and outlandish ideas.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, while rewatching  Brad Osgood’s amazing lectures on the Fourier Transform.  Not only are Osgood’s lectures just so cool, but his notes on the lecture series are great too. Math texts are almost always badly written so these were an amazing find.

Now, in these inter-disciplinary times how do we find the time for Fourier? To get into them make sure your Calculus is under control, and maybe some Linear Algebra too.

And just in case you are all like, why on earth would you bother with Fourier?

Because it is worth it. Fourier changes everything.

Seven Keith Jarrett Transcriptions


I am been pulling together alot of jazz solo transcriptions I have done over the years lately. Its mostly for MusicXML and analytics stuff but a neat bi-product of all this is that I can publish some of these transcriptions which don’t seem to be found in many places. I think I have around a hundred Keith Jarrett transcriptions sitting around the place so will try and pull them all together in some kind of behemoth volume down the track (just these seven weighed in at 80 pages!) but in the mean time you can download the transcriptions here

One last interesting fact to consider? There is no phrase that appears more than once across all these solos. Simply incredible!