Stelupa Feedback

I have set this up as a temporary page, and will build this into stelupa when I have finish the  authentication module. I am implementing new features as I find the time in an order that seems logical, but people keep on asking either for additional features or to implement some things sooner than others.

If you want to pass on any feedback about the app, just do so below or through the comments.

Task list

  • Web API
  • Tone.js synth integration
  • Query input via d3 interface
  • Corpus updates
    • Bach inventions
    • Mahler Sym 1, 3, 4
    • Keith Jarrett solos
  • Color coded instruments
  • Cursor and tempo sync
  • Intro and landing page update
  • MusicXML parser from python to node
  • Shift query engine to node
  • CSS in excerpts resize of panes
  • Query language update
  • Hide show tiles on page
  • Spotify Integration (???)