Stelupa Music Software

Stelupa is a search engine which allows users to search music scores across a wide range of criteria. This includes title, composer, performer, tempo range, year range, particular musical phrases, rhythmic patterns, and chord progressions. Any text written on the score (such as performance markings and dynamics) can also be searched. Any part of the score that meets the criteria will be returned to the user which can be annotated, tagged, saved and downloaded.

Stelupa has been built with Node.js, MongoDB, Angular, Tone.js and D3.js. The application is currently hosted on Heroku and I am in the process of moving it to servers at the University of Technology. Note the Heroku deployment does have a slower load time as I am limiting the resource a little. After load it performs well and this should be resolved once it is moved to the new server.

Stelupa was a late breaking demo at ISMIR and the related paper is here.

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